Thursday, April 17, 2008

The WRITE Reason

(from April 17, 2008)

Aha! After my last post on lack of motivation for writing the more I thought about it, it wasn't I don't want to write. In my present job I work the midnight shift. Well. you see I do my best writing midnights.

I used to work late afternoons and evenings and when I got home from work instead of sleeping I'd do lots of writing overnight. But now that I work the overnight shift of course I have no time to write because I'm working. And after my shift which is when everyone else is just waking up, I just don't have the inclination to write. All I want to do is sleep. Didn't feel that way with the other shift. Very rarely I slept then and wasn't as tired as I have been lately.

Whenever, and this is unfortunately a very big IF, if I get days(meaning days/afternoons/evenings) I know I'll be inspred to write lots. Not just occasionally. But when do I get to go on days? (sigh!).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

No Smoke Detector? Go to Jail!

(from April 13, 2008)

A recent article in one of the local dailies wrote how where there are no smoke detectors in homes and where the child dies as a result the parents should be jailed.

At first I thought it was a very stupid idea. After all why punish the parent even more? Surely they'd feel bad enough and lots of guilt if their son or daughter dies in a fire.

But the more I think about it, it may not be such a stupid idea.

As long as it's not just parents who are jailed.

When I lived in the old area(Dundas Street/Erindale Station Road)the landlord didn't have any smoke detectors as a family member pointed out to me.

Now if there had been a fire and I died as a result would the landlord also be jailed?

If not then neither should parents of children who die as a result of no smoke detector in the home.

Petition to Ban Handguns Won't Stop Criminals From Carrying Guns

<from April 13, 2008)

Due to another string of shootings in Toronto the Toronto Mayor, David Miller has started a petition to get handguns banned. He wants only the police and no one else to carry the guns.

The petition will then be presented in Ottawa to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
I'm not signing the petition because I don't agree with the ban. The reason being people also use knives to stab people and as some have asked, "Should knives be banned too?" Very good question. Why not?

And what about those who become unruly and use a liquor bottle to smash over a person's head? Will glass bottles be banned? Again, why not?

If someone out there can convince me that banning handguns means criminals won't use the guns then I will definitely sign the petition. But that's the problem. Criminals will find a way to carry and use the weapon even if it's banned. Well, won't they?

While I don't agree with the handgun-ban and handgun-ban petition I did add Mayor David Miller as a Facebook friend(yes, it's really The Mayor and not someone pretending to be him--see 2 posts below on fake celebrities).

I added him of course due to being a potential media contact should I ever get that job as a newspaper writer. But more so due to the fact no matter what others say at least he's sticking to his convictions and not waffling on the issue as politicians are often known to do.

Love him or hate him at least he's sticking to his beliefs and that's something to be admired I think.

AIM For Another Day

(from April 13, 2008)

AAAHHH!! What a day! Due to trying to make new contacts and online friends as well though I already have instant messaging on a number of sites, and already having a GMail account which informs me that from GMail...actually from Google Talk)we can now chat with our buddies on AIM I attempted to make an AIM account.

I filled in my name, the screen name I was going to use, entered the code to verify I'm a human being and not a robot. Though the letter/number combination was next to each I got a message telling me "no spaces allowed." WHAT DAMN SPACES? THERE WERE NONE! I (something like TY543T)repeated the procedure for about the next 15 minutes and just wasn't allowed to create my AIM account. Repeating this for 15-minutes non-stop sure made me feel like a robot.

If not today and since I still don't have a computer at home(hopefully soon) means I'll attempt to sign up for AIM next week. Let's hope things go better then.

And the scary part? This is a very good day! I just hope this is my biggest problem this week and I'll be fine.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Way Too Many Fake Celebrities on Facebook...I Mean Fakebook

(from April 10, 2008)

I've been on Facebook for over a year. Found people I lost contact with or they found me. That's the easy part.

The difficult part is trying to figure out which celebrities are real and which are fake. Since I plan on being a paid writer sometime this century I add celebrities I'm a fan of to my friends list. Well I hope that person is really who they claim to be. Need to add to my contact list in the hopes it's really that person and I need to interview them one day for an article. I have the questions ready but I'm not asking/interviewing until I'm 110 per cent sure it's the real deal!

Some accept. Some don't. Some "posers"(people pretending to be a certain celebrity)are very good at making it look like they're the real person. Isn't it a criminal offence to use someone else's identity?(why don't social networking sites Facebook, MySpace and others do something about it instead of trying to outdo each other by just allowing more members so their membership number increases?).

Anyways one of the friends I had on there was "Hilary Duff." I did a small test to see if it was in fact her. For those who don't know each person has a message board known as "The Wall."

I noticed only one or two people were writing on "The Wall" which got me suspicious as a real celeb would post comments from ALL people. On The Wall I said I think she's a great role model for the younger people. My message got deleted.

Obviously this was a fake. Wouldn't the real Hilary Duff(or any other celebrity in her position) be proud of that? No reason to delete The Wall post unless it's a fake celeb.

I'm still testing out some others I'm not sure if they're the real deal or not but since when does Lindsay Lohan spell her name as "Lindsay Lohans"(when I questioned her on it(the "s"in her last name)she claimed it's how it's really spelled. Funny but how come none of the world media ever reported on the "real name" if in fact it is true? And Britney Spears adds an extra "s" in her name also so it reads "Britney Spearss."(haven't had the opportunity to question her on this).

By the way on Facebook there are four(4)people claiming to be the real Lindsay Lohan and five(5)who say they are Hilary Duff and nine(9)claiming to be Britney Spears.

Due to all these fakes I'm beginning to agree with a Facebook group I joined. Called "if i can change the FACEBOOK name i will change it to FAKEBOOK(read recent)".

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Ugly" Models Wanted...The Beautiful Need Not Apply

(from March 19, 2008)

Sorry haven't been here in awhile folks. Been an interesting couple of weeks. Sorry not elaborating on that now. Saving it for some other time.

Now the reason I'm posting: I LOVE THIS!!! There's a company in New York that may have a job for you.

Not just any ordinary company. They want models. And not just any model. That is not any beautiful model though I'm sure they could find them work too.

Ugly NY Talent(Ugly New York Talent)finds work for people who would not be considered attractive. Fat is okay. Bald is okay. A tatooed body covering the entire you. Missing teeth? No problem. Even if you're a midget or very tall that's okay too.

They will try to find you work. They represent the ordinary folks. You won't get rich as the ordinary models generally do working for UglyNYTalent but it's a nice change I think. Unfortunately so far they only have the location further away from me(New York City). Honestly with my finances now I can't go to New York though I have a cousin living there but I'm seriously considering trying out for this Ugly modelling agency one day. Better start saving for that trip I guess

Hope they(Ugly) open in Toronto one day. And should anyone at UglyNYTalent need a guy with a large receding hairline, a potbelly, constant red(blushing)face and missing teeth I'm available for work. Who knows? With any luck I may end up working with a very beautiful model one day or one of my many favourite actresses or singers. And that would be a dream come true. For the first time in my 40+ years on earth I finally believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Safety Issue--No Clear Path at Mississauga Bus Stops

(from March 5, 2008)

It wasn't that long ago that The Mississauga News had an article about sidewalks not being cleared of snow. Especially at bus stops making it very dangerous to try to get on and off the bus.

Sad to say that some city councillors were correct in saying if you don't see a clear path to call your local councillor. I said there shouldn't be a need and it should be a priority but obviousy still isn't. WHY NOT?

If you see a path that isn't cleared at any Mississauga Transit bus stop click here to go to The City of Mississauga Page then click on the appropriate councillor to inform him or her that there's still nothing being done about clearing snow where it should be cleared.

Let's hope by December 2008 I don't have to keep repeating this. Want a bet I will have to write about this again?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Women Aren't the Only Ones Getting Ripped Off from Employment Insurance

(from November 22, 2007)

This morning on the news the story was that women are being shortchanged by EI(Employment Insurance) due to the fact that the ladies don't get to collect money that is rightfully theirs. And that's the fault of the EI rules where people who should be getting it--those paying into EI--aren't getting their money back.

But I find it interesting the news reports didn't specify which organization submitted that news release.

While more women than men may not be getting Employment Insurance nowhere in the news has it said today that men too get shortchanged.

Believe you me I know.

I have a part-time job of 20-plus years. I was informed by EI(at the time called UI--Unemployment Insurance)that I don't qualify for even partial EI.

I'm having a hell of a time paying my bills(including rent) now and buying groceries but those who make the EI rules could care less about that too. I also don't qualify for EI's Small Business Assistance program because I am working. Yep you read that correctly. The fact that I have been paying into EI all this time accounts for nothing.

Certainly I'm not the only male being shortchanged by stringent and ridiculous EI rules which allow the lazy-ass sit at home person to collect the money but not the people who actually pay into it.

And I'm very disappointed in the media reports acting as if only women get ripped off by the EI system.

Why couldn't the news story say something to the effect of "More Women Than Men Are Being Ripped Off By EI"?

By the way the only place I could find reference to who gave this story(it was Statistics Canada)was in the Toronto Star(and I've got enough criticism with the Star but that's another issue for another time)--this time the Toronto Stardid good--and also alluded to men collecting or not collecting EI. Now why couldn't the rest of the media report this other info as well?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

World's Worst Kept Secret---J-Lo is Pregnant

(from November 10, 2007)

Yesterday in entertainment news it was reported that J-Lo(Jennifer Lopez) is pregnant. J-Lo confirmed other news Michael Jacksonis not black, Elton John is gay and Paris Hilton can't act.

Never Say This to a Car Dealer

(from November 10, 2007)

I came across this on Yahoo! Finance. If buying a car, here's some helpful advice so they won't screw you over. Click here for "Things to Never Say To a Dealer".

Texas School Bans Hugging

(from November 10, 2007)

Just heard a news report on 680 News about a school, Barton Middle School, in Kyle, Texas, which has banned students from hugging each other.

The school officials claim they banned hugging due to students being late for class from lots of hugging. That obviously is just an excuse. They should admit they banned hugging because they're fearful of lawsuits. They claim it has nothing to do with inappropriate touching.

However, I think it's a big mistake to ban hugging. Of all things. Hugs are needed and not everyone gets many. Some people don't get any hugs at all. Kid or adult.

In 2005, 5-days before Christmas I mentioned to a female I know that's the day my mother died(she died in 1995)from ovarian cancer. The girl said "that's sad" and immediately approached me and gave me a hug. That was a stress reliever. For me. Especially that day.

And that was the last time any girl gave me a hug. Don't worry about me I'm fine folks. I'm a big-boy and can handle it. There's worse things to worry about in the world.

But I mention this because if the students at that school, who are much, much younger than I am, don't get hugged much, or at all, 2-weeks, forget 2-years, may seem like an eternity to them. Especially if those students don't get hugged by their mom or dad. Or by anyone else for that matter. The school officials should reconsider their decision and allow students to hug. Otherwise I nominate the school officials for Dunce of The Year.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Germany Removing Traffic Lights to Improve Road Safety...Please Explain It to Me

(from September 13, 2007)

I just don't get it. In Germany their town council has decided traffic lights should be removed from the dowtown area. Why? Excellent question. It has nothing to do with repairing them or anything else like that.

It's because they think no traffic lights will improve road safety. How? If the drivers are just as bad as in Canada how will it improve road safety when each driver refuses to let the other one go ahead not to mention the pedestrians, after dodging cars at no-traffic-light-intersections will be able to compete in next year's marathon. Dodging vehicles is enough of a training regiment for any marathon.

But this is just more proof that no matter where in the world politicians are stupid. Not nice to say but true. Someone. Anyone out there convince me removing traffic lights is going to improve road safety.....well, I'm waiting.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Online Petition for OPP to Continue Search for Missing 20-Year-Old

(from September 12, 2007)

The Ontario Provincial Police were searching for 20-year-old Christina Calayca. She went missing while camping at Rainbow Falls from one report I read or while jogging there according to The Toronto Star. The police believe no foul play has occured so they've given up the search. However, her family is convinced she's been abducted.
There is an online petition to get the OPP to resume their search. To sign the petition click here.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Paypal Makes It Impossible to Cancel Your Paypal Account

(from August 18, 2007)

Don't ever do business with Paypal. Unless you want to have an account for life with them.

I had a blog on which I still like and have never had problems with So deciding I want to do more with my blog I got a paid account so I could add unlimited images as well as have numerous other features.

No problems. Then for awhile due to my other job I had at the time I actually had no time to blog(or do anything else for that matter). Figuring there's no point paying since I'm not using their service I emailed them. informed me everything is controlled by Paypal and my account must be cancelled through Paypal.

On Paypal's site after logging into my account I went to the page where I should be able to cancel. It wouldn't let me cancel my account telling me my cheque number is wrong. No it wasn't. I have the damn thing memorized.

So I then tried to cancel my Paypal account and again I'm told I have the wrong cheque number. Again, NOPE! It's correct. I assure you of that.

I then emailed Paypal explaining I no longer use and the Paypal site won't allow me to cancel my Paypal account. I get a reply from someone ashamed to sign their real name, calling himself or herself "Princess" apologizing for my inconvenience and telling me to cancel the account I must do it on the Account Setting page of my Paypal account. Obviously they didn't pay attention to my email. I tried but can't. It won't allow me to.

I then emailed once more. The same problem. The same reply. I then emailed back telling them not to let any payments go through to Paypal let that money go through. Paypal people just do not listen. I even deleted my blog because Paypal makes it impossible to cancel an account.

I then contacted my credit union and told them any money to from Paypal send the cheque back and that's what they did. Two days after that I get an email from Paypal saying my cheque was returned and the account cancelled.

I should not have gone through all that. Paypal should have listened the first time I asked them politely to not let any cheques go through and they should've listened when I asked to cancel my Paypal account.

So my advice to you DON'T deal with Paypal. As you see from my experience Paypal will take your money as long as they can. Nice scam Paypal has going.

  • Don't Become a Paypal Horror Story--A Refund is Impossible(
  • Thursday, February 8, 2007

    Is It Legal for Canadian Networks to Block American Commercials?

    (from February 8, 2007)

    Didn't see the SuperBowl last Sunday. Honestly never was a sport fan or sports-oriented for that matter. Wish I was but too late in life now I guess. As for the much talked about American TV commercials. Would've been nice to see them during the game.

    Though not a football fan I would have watched if we could get American commercials here. For those who don't know when an American program is on at the same time on an American and a Canadian channel the Canadian network(they're all guilty of doing this)steals the signal. Blocks the American feed so we are forced to watch the Canadian network's logo and Canadian network's commercial on the American channel. Shouldn't be allowed.

    Considering people aren't getting what they're paying for by the networks blocking American ads I'd love to hear from a lawyer. Is there a case against the cable companies when it comes to this? If so, I'll be starting a petition so Canadian networks leave the American channels as is.

    Thursday, April 13, 2006

    Tara Reid Image Problem

    (from April 13, 2006)

    •Recently saw a Wild On Tara episode where Miss Reid and three of her friends were in Spain. All 4 girls were wearing such low-cut blouses that their tits were hanging out. More like falling out. So among the crowd one male brings a camera and Tara I believe, pushed him away upset he's taking pictures or a video of her boobs. HEY! IF YOU DON'T WANT GUYS TAKING PICTURES OF YOUR BOOBS THEN COVER UP!
    •About the incident where it was a "nipple slip" while speaking to the media. I can understand if a nipple's showing and you don't notice. It happens to the best of us. But this was a case of there's no way she couldn't have noticed her entire breast was showing. Unless she was high.
    •So Tara Reid says the media ruined her image. As someone who's got many beefs with the media sorry Tara but you're on your own on this one.
    •You go on The Ellen Degeneres Show claiming you're looking for a nice guy and "someone who's normal" to change your image(see the above 2 comments and read and re-read and re-re-read and re-re-re-reread as often until you get the message it's NOT the media but YOU who ruined your image. The media only reports on what you do.
    •As for Ellen trying to set you up. PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME! Then I'll believe you're serious about changing your image. Besides, it would help my image not to mention popularity.